Purified Ice

What Is Purified Ice?

It’s exceptional ice that wakes up the flavor of chilled beverages and sends the message of purity straight to your taste buds. Purified ice makes a glass of the purified water that you love ice cold and keeps the pure, clean, crisp taste. In flavored beverages, purified ice is even more amazing. With our purified ice, all of the true flavors you’ve been missing with regular ice are back to enjoy. What makes it so different?

Reverse Osmosis.

Filtration alone can’t produce what reverse osmosis produces. With our system, filtrations are only a first step to purity. Reverse osmosis produces purified water. Everything that can affect taste and clarity in tap or filtered water is removed by reverse osmosis—even sodium. RO purification is the significant difference.
We go way beyond your everyday ice to make an ice you’ll want every day.
The clarity of the ice in the package and in the glass. The special sparkle. The satin smoothness. The crisp, clean taste. All are the result of our unique way of turning water purified by reverse osmosis into purified ice. It takes more to make purified ice, but it’s well worth it.